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Disoriented to time during the stay-home order?

COVID has caused a lot of changes for people. One notable change is the complete shift in how people structure their days. If you have ever noticed your drive to and from anywhere familiar, you eventually know by the landmarks where you are going and drive on more of an autopilot navigation. The same phenomenon is showing itself to be true of how we keep track of time during the stay-home order. 
The original markers throughout our days that mark where we are at in our day have changed or been eliminated. That leads to changes in how we recognize where we are at in the day, week or even the month. Lots of clients are complaining about how forgetful they seem to be lately. I think it has everything to do with the loss of these ritualistic markers. Because of the loss of structure, we struggle to know where we are at in time. Overnight, the "landmarks" of time have disappeared. This creates a sense of disorientation to time. It's time to create new ones. 
I have been encoura…